Greetings! My name is Mochacaremel and I am an empath and 17 year survivor of narcissistic abuse. I have gone through the growing pains and have been a member of so many forums and read so many books I am positive that I can bring value to others experiencing this sort of trauma in a way that is like help for empaths 2.0. This free resource is here for people who are ready to move beyond simply “No Contact” and on to more sophisticated levels of disengagement and detachment, especially when in situations where total no contact is not possible.

P.S. I will not say, “when total no contact is not possible, for example, when children are involved,” because I personally cannot stand that this implies that when children are involved people (in this case, narcissists) play nice and as though, the rules of evil don’t apply when children are involved. LOL It’s the most ludicrous idea ever. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wish that were the case, but as I said, this is my pet peeve.