Let’s talk about the Discard

I’ve known and thought that I loved 6 different personality disordered individuals in my lifetime. I felt like a magnet for these lopsided relationships.

I remember each way I was discarded:

  1. I was cheated on in such an obvious and disrespectful way.
  2. I was served with divorce papers by surprise to my mother’s house when I didn’t live with my mother.
  3. I was punched, hit, and almost forced to be locked inside my own bedroom closet.
  4. I was dragged across my living room floor until an “Indian burn” was formed on my arm. I still have this scar to this day. It’s permanent.
  5. I was told to move out of the house.
  6. I was told the “friendship” was over and it was my fault, for no specified reason.

Thinking about these discard experiences, it feels as though that can’t be the truth. It feels like it happened to another person. And in a way, of course that’s true, because I am such a different person now. And in many ways, I am still the same.

I don’t tolerate B.S. anymore in any form.

But I do still find it hard to speak up immediately about the B.S. I witness.

Really, it just makes me tired to witness evil. That’s one of the things about being an empath. Our energy is so easily affected and drained.

Are you an empath? Take this quiz.

The upside: The only way to truly appreciate a good relationship may be to witness a bad one. Whenever I get in a new relationship, I will appreciate the heck out of him!

Gray Rock Strategy: Take inventory of your crappy relationships. What happened that you will absolutely never tolerate ever again? What boundaries can you identify were trampled over?

Homework: Write down every romantic partner you’ve ever had. List 5 pros and cons of each relationship.

Okay, so if you’ve been discarded and you’re spiraling…like, the pain is so intense and you feel like you can’t breathe, I have a special gift just for you, because I am just now starting my blog and I’m not overcrowded just yet. And, I truly want to help people conquer and slay the demons of narcissistic abuse.


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